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Musically Challenged.

I ❤ Music… couldn't live without it honestly. But recently I have been subjected to some really terrible music and frankly I'm a little annoyed, let me explain. I don't watch MTV and i haven't listened to the radio for a good 10 years so I'm pretty selective when it comes to what i listen to. Every once and awhile i will hear something on terrestrial radio or at my job or randomly in a store and it will catch my ear and I will follow up on it. Buy really, most of the time i dismiss most of what i hear and that tends to rub people the wrong way. Allow me to explain myself.

I have about 650 songs on my phone right now. Most of it is some new stuff that i stumbled upon and downloaded to try out, and by new i mean new to me not new music IE: Matisyahu and Rihanna. I hate pop music but i fucking love Rihanna go figure. There are also artists that I personally don't care for BUT they will have certain songs that i do like, i know that is a bit contradictory so let me give you the most glaring example in my case: EMINEM. People love this motherfucker. Some say he is one of the best all time. I don't disagree with that and I respect your opinion but I am not his biggest fan. I do like a few of his songs mostly, his diss records (NAIL IN THE COFFIN) and mashups with other rappers. (WHUT THE BEAT F METHOD MAN AND ROYCE DA 5'9) Now when he's talking about Homosexuals and raping his own mother and killing his ex wife or the gay blowjob Skits on his albums, Why the fuck do i need to hear this shit? That's not hiphop. Or when he's rapping about beating N'Sync collective asses, Seriously? Why? That's just an example i threw out there its a dichotomy i know but what can i say I'm a complicated guy.

I spend the first 4 hours of my shift jacked in to my Blackberry and listening to music but I am uber picky.. I will sit there for 10 mintues skipping songs, not cause i don't like them.. but because i am not in the mood to listen to them. This has gotten me in trouble more then once lol. I listen to alot of different genres of music and don't really have a favorite but i tend to fall back on Hiphop and Reggae when i just dont feel like skipping anymore and just want to zone out. So going back to my point i am really particular about what i listen to if i don't like something immediatley i wont ever like it.what ends up happening is that someone will ask me if i heard this song or that song most of the time its something that is new and i will say "Nah haven't heard it" to which people usually reply:

"OMFG HOW HAVE YOU NOT HEARD THAT SONG!?@#@y!t@!iuiut@uy!ti!!tui!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" And promptly begin to shit their pants at the thought that i Number 1 have never heard the song and Number 2 Usually have no idea who the person singing said song is. It's actually kind of funny to see sometimes.

Then what usually happens is they ask me why I don't like the song and why i haven't heard it and i tell them what i told you guys earlier about not listening to the radio. And then it becomes "Let's FORCE Luis to like this horrible song time!" And that is probably the worst thing you could possibly do to me.. It's agony. The worst part it that people tend to take it as a challenge like Oh I'ma put you on to this T Pain son.. this shit is FIRE here listen to this!

::Ears Bleeding…. Help….::
Is this from the future? Why is he talking like a robot?

Look. I am not judging anyones taste in music, you like what you like and that is fine but don't force your shit on other people cause not everyone comes from the same place and likes the same things. Do you and I'll do me and if we meet somewhere in between thats cool. Music speaks to everyone differently and people can love the same songs for entirely different reasons and that is what is great about us. So before you decide to subject someone to your tunes just realize that if they don't like it thats just their taste.. doesn't mean that anything is off about them. Geez.. lol.


And thanks for reading all this, your officially cool.